We Buyback Bales

We Buyback Bales How would you like someone to PAY you for your waste cardboard? Turn cardboard and paper waste into revenues with our recycling service.

Compact is one of the largest independent paper recycle companies in Ireland and our buyback cardboard bale service makes it easy and convenient for business customers to earn Eco profits.

we buyback bales

Our service is simple: we buy back cardboard waste and pay you directly into your nominated bank account!

We buy back and collect compact bales from all types of businesses; such as offices, factories, supermarkets, restaurants, shops, local authorities and schools.

Your compacted waste materials are sent to our recycling facility for processing and the bales are broken-down, quality sorted, graded and assessed for recycling.

Contact us to reduce your carbon footprint! if you generate large amounts of cardboard waste packaging, and want to earn recycling Eco revenues.

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We Buyback Bales

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