Cardboard Compactor

Cardboard compactors make business waste management simple and easy! We stock a wide range of portable and static compactors with bin lifts or conveyor options.

Compactors for cardboard or plastic are used to compress waste materials into flattened recycling blocks; and once baler tied, less space is taken up for easier disposal.

Save your business time and money! Eco shrinking commercial waste improves the environment. Turn waste into revenues! We buyback Bales.

cardboard compactor

Our extensive range of static and portable recycling compactors ensures we have the ideal machine type for your cardboard or plastic waste requirements.

Rent or buy cardboard waste compactors that are built to last, easy to operate, low noise and they provide many years of maintenance free service.

Compact your business waste costs and improve recycling management systems, with low maintenance, easy to use compactors. It’s Free2 Talk!

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Cardboard Compactor

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